Thursday, 27 March 2008

A Dug of Sartorial Elegance

"You've never seen the like of it". That's an old Govan phrase which has probably fallen somewhat out of fashion. It is the phrase that comes to my mind today as I stand in the Royal Bank at Govan X. Through the door trots a little dog, a sort of scraggy sausage dog type, leading its owner and her beau. Maybe the dog owns the girl - who knows? Anyway, it trots in, casting its head back disdainfully, and so it should as it is a dog with a difference. This is a dressed dogg. A dawg of sartorial elegance. Dressed to the k-nines. Snoop Dug.
Actually, it's not really well dressed at all, but the dog doesn't know that and thinks it is da bomb. For a dog, I suppose it is. The dog is wearing a stripy shirt and blue pullover. I think it's an all-in-one jump suit thing that's made to look like separates.

The girl on the other end of the lead has the look of one with drug dependency. She is shaking a bit and has a faraway look in her eyes. Very faraway. Her boyfriend is narky and gets annoyed with the dog when the lead gets fankled round the back of his leg.

A girl and boy come in behind them and the girl's hair is dyed flame orange and hectic red and the boy has lime green spiky bits through his.
They are entranced by the dog. The girl tells the doglady where she saw wee dog outfits and the lady is excited about this and says she is going to get some more.
I say "excited" but her reactions are as if in slow motion, her eyes fall shut and she struggles to open them.

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Lady Harriet said...

maybe that wuman actually gave birth to the dogg. it would have been a real baby but cause of all the drugs she'd taken it came out as a wee sausage dug!