Thursday, 4 September 2008

Dear Green Place

As if to make up for a poor show this summer, the sun is beaming in a blue, blue sky. Govan feels warm and comfortable in the shining golden rays. I head for a dear green place in the heart of this built-up landscape; down Pearce Street, then cut along the lane and in through the bushes to our own Eden, verdant and beautiful.

Last November there was an archaeological dig here. GUARD came with diggers and lorry loads of dirt were heaped up high, students carefully sifted and searched. I read about it on a poster in the window of the youth project shop, but the most succinct explanation of what was going on was relayed to me by a wee wumman who said, "They're lookin for two kings, hen", as I passed her on Water Row.

We are on the cusp of autumn, but today is decidedly summer. This grassy field is surrounded by trees and hedgerows, still in full leafy bloom. The grass grows long and wild and I walk round the perimeter, enjoying the warmth of the sun beating down on me.

Sometimes you can see red blaize at your feet. I think this dates from when the crazy council once made this a carpark. Now all that is left of that stupid idea is a rusty barrier with a sign that says "this carpark will close at 6 o'clock". Ha! Keep your carpark. And please don't come up with any other scheme either - a community garden or summat else like that. Let's just keep this as wilderness. There's a couple of wee tips here and there with piles of lager cans and old bits of carpet and tyres, but that's ok cos that means no one targets this paradise for full scale vandalism.

I sit on the grass and close my eyes. The birds are singing so sweetly. A sense of peace and tranquility surrounds me. I feel a connection with all the people who ever lived their lives on this little piece of earth; spiralling down through the centuries, right back to the ancients, the commoners and the kings.

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Anonymous said...

I love such 'total simul' moments - unfortunately my last in the very occasion described was rudely interrupted by two foul mouth bike-riding inebriates (40+ year olds), who verbally abused and threatened me. They evidently also appreciated the seclusion - as a cover for mischief and misdeed.