Monday, 13 October 2008

Fresh Air and Plenty of Exercise

If you listen to the news, you will think of Govan as a depressed area with high levels of poverty, unemployment, sick people and crime. But there's another side to this interesting riverside community. In a world where politicians, health professionals and educationists despair of the rising generation and its lack of outdoor activity and social interaction, much may be learned from Govan's youngsters.

School's out for the October week and we're off to a good start with a dry, dull day. Five boys emerge from a close mouth in Shaw Street. A football is produced and a kickabout begins, just a mild, slow game while they decide on their plans. One boy sits on a pavement bollard drinking from a bottle of healthy fruit juice and giving forth his opinions.
No slouching in front of computer games all day for these lads, as the game gains pace and they race around the parked cars in the street.
A tall, older boy turns the corner from Govan Road and immediately sprints towards them, seizing the ball and keeping possession of it.
The younger boys fight back whilst calling for him to "Gie's wur ba'" and "Beat it, you".
The lanky one throws back his head with a raucous laugh and sneers, "Heh! Ah heard you play lik' a lassie".
He smacks the baseball cap off a wee boy and strides up the street looking for someone else to torment.
The little football team re-groups, and gracefully passing the ball between them, continue play on the Govan Road. They skilfully manoeuvre the ball back and forth as cars are forced to give way, before heading towards the bottom of Rathlin Street for more fresh air and exercise.

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