Friday, 31 October 2008

A Govan Hallowe'en of Long Ago

from the personal reminiscences of Peggy McGregor, born 1913
We used to go at Hallowe'en up to all the posh houses - red buildings at Ibrox Oval. We never got very much.
Now, what did I get dressed up as . . . oh, aye, I got dressed up in my brother George's trousers - his shorties - and stockings and his jersey and skull cap. Either that or I used to put on one of my mother's long black skirts and a hat or get black paper and made it a cape or a skirt and go as a witch.
You went to everybody you knew. Everybody was good then. Your mother wasn't frightened to let you go anywhere.
We did dooking for apples, and eating a big treacle scone hung onto the pulley.
We used to make false faces in school and maybe the best false face would get a prize.
We used to go out, two or three of us up to Copland Road.
I always remember when I was about 11 or 12 a boy came to the door up at one of the posh houses - sandstone tenements - he was about 12. I really felt quite shy of him. I said, "Please for my Hallowe'en" and he went away and brought two apples and a 3d bit.
We were too scared to go to any of the really big houses. You got the most from your own people who were poor like yourself.

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