Monday, 20 October 2008

Penny for the Guy

Preparations for bonfire night begin early in Govan.

Today, two little mites are sitting on the cold ground at the entrance to the Govan Underground station asking for a penny for the guy. The Guy is a big fat teddy with a matted beige fur coat and beady eyes.
A chubby little girl of about 10 years, shorthaired and gallus with an entrepreneurial spirit about her is calling out appealingly,
"Penny for the Guy! Aw, com'oan, penny for the guy . . ."
Her wee sister sits alongside in a little daydream with a smile on her lips.
They are wearing worn, grubby jackets and the wee one is wearing wellies and they have no tights to keep them warm, no hats, no scarves, no gloves. Just sitting on the cold ground.

Thanks to the mid-term October holiday, the young yins have been making a start on the building of bonfires.

A tower of pallets, some furniture and various bits of wid was erected on this site in Rathlin Street, shown above. However, some firebug couldn't wait for November and this morning I came across it burned to the ground already and the smell of cinders in the air.

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