Thursday, 23 October 2008


What a night! The weatherman has issued a warning for strong winds and gales from the west and by early evening it is whipping up into a full force storm.

I emerge from the subway at Govan Cross and am immediately drenched by sheets of rain and gusts of wind that almost knock me off my feet.

"And in the evening, lamps should shine,
Yellow as honey, red as wine."

Cheery golden lights welcome the weary traveller into Govan's historic hostelry on this stormy night.


Anonymous said...

This was my Granda and my Dad's favourite pub. My Granda was blind and often after a haircut he'd give me a shilling or two to spend while he went in for a pint. I'd spend it in the wee newsagent's shop in the golly ~ I think the owner was called Paddy, or at least that's what everyone called him.

Anonymous said...

I remember my dad telling us that one time he went into Brechin's bar and sat down at a seat. A man approached him asking him to give him his seat back as it was his. My dad said that there were lots of empty chairs around so what was the problem but the man kept insisting that it was HIS chair. Eventually the barman had to explain to my dad that it WAS actually the man's chair - he brought it with him each time to the pub!

Nihil Sine Labore said...

So many amazing characters - long may their memory live on!