Friday, 7 November 2008

Fire Frenzy

A lovely big easy chair goes up like a light!

Three piece suite burns a treat!

If you want rid of any furniture, then stick it outside your close on November the fifth.
The lads will come by and pick it up.

A queue of beds and mattresses will keep the fire going!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos and video footage that brought back lots of memories for me. When we were wee, my Dad would come home with a box of fireworks and a packet of sparklers and after our tea we'd head down the Water Row and round the corner beside Harland and Wolff's. It was pitch black and I was always a bit scared but once my Dad got the fireworks started it was magical. I loved the Catherine Wheels and the rockets best of all ~ we'd send those rockets over the Clyde and watch the ones sent over from Partick. The only fireworks we were allowed to handle were the sparklers (which was just as well since we were scared of even those!) I think my Dad got as big a kick out out Guy Fawkes night as we did......