Wednesday, 31 December 2008

The Old Year Descends to a Close

Hogmanay 2008
A view up river from the end of Water Row to the City of Glasgow

The broken down pier and the view across to Partick
Looking forward to a ferry sailing across here again some day

The last day of 2008 is wrapped in smoky hues of blue and grey and on the calm, still river gulls drift languidly or circle in the sky. A dense chill pervades the air.

The quiet riverbank is conducive to the reflection and resolution that overtakes you on Hogmanay, and can often fill you with a deep melancholy, if you're not careful.

This pensive mood is quickly dispelled as I walk back up Water Row and into the bustle of Govan Road. It's busy, busy with pals crowding the square outside the job centre, chatting and making plans for the evening ahead. A few serious shoppers are pushing Co-op trolleys laden with giant bottles of iron brew and lemonade, cereal boxes, and beer out of the shops and into waiting taxis.
Up on Langlands Road, the butcher's has a little queue of customers buying ingredients for the New Year steak pie and a woman is getting the finishing touches to a blow dry in Esther's Hair Salon.
Outside the Harmony Bar Shaw Street entrance, a middle aged lady in a red jacket is shimmying up and down the pavement while an old gent claps in time to the music they are singing.

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