Friday, 27 March 2009

Watson's Bakery Bun Brigade

Sometimes I get a panic attack when I walk along Shaw Street, that Watson's will be closed down. But so far it's been fine. I've done a few sessions of psychotherapy on myself to try and find the source of my fears and actually, it's easy to trace; dearly loved shops of Govan (not that you knew that you loved them at the time) well, there's none of them there now. Well is there? A few perhaps, but they are mostly a sad mockery of their former glory. Except Watson's.

I am going to begin a project today to record Govan's shops, 2009 and if possible, contrast them with their counterparts of yesteryear. Then we'll see just how much of a panic attack I should be having.
An in-depth examination of Watson's Home Bakery is essential because it hasn't changed in all the decades I have shopped there. The lady in it told me it has been there for over 70 years, so I suppose the red and yellow fibreglass sign is a nod to modernism. However, this is a great bakery with very nice, friendly staff and an excellent range of delicious home baking, all at very, very good prices.
Today we're going to start with the variety of buns on offer at Watson's. Click on the photos to enlarge them and then you will almost be able to taste them too.

This tasty bun has a dash of icing and a jammy surprise.

This bun comes in white icing or chocolate icing. I bought both kinds but couldn't resist eating the white icing one before we took the photos.

I think this bun with white icing and a generous sprinkling of coconut is my favourite. If you were to offer me a plate of buns, this is the one I think I'd choose.

This is more of a pastry kind of bun and has a lemon twist to it. It's nice, especially with the icing, but I'd never normally buy one of these. It did get eaten though by the cameraman after the photo shoot.

Someone I know claims the buns are actually morning rolls with icing on top, but she's wrong. The inside of the buns is much more dense and sweet than a roll.

Yum yum, and thanks to my granny for the beautiful china tea service. More of Watson's fare to follow.


LMS said...

thats a roll

LMS said...

"i drunk it, with a roll"

Ellen said...

Only recently my sister and I were talking about the wee shops we used to have in Govan. There was no need for mothers to go into the town centre for anything really, only very occasionally. Everything seemed to be on our doorstep - from the daily groceries to new shoes or underwear and much more. However, my mum did once try to find me a pair of ballet shoes for Christmas without success - the poor soul tried every shoe shop, guess there was no demand in Govan! I wanted to be like the girls from the ballet stories in the Bunty and Judy comics.
I'd love to see Govan full of those wee shops from the past again.
Those buns are making me feel homesick - I can still imagine the taste of each type. Thanks for showing them!

The Burnah Clan said...

mmmmm, those look sooo good. send some my way!

sandra said...

Oh, those buns look soooooo good! We used to get tea bread from the co-op on a Friday and it was always a lovely treat: gingerbread with icing, cream cookies, and coconut covered snowballs. I'm having cravings now!

Madeline said...
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Anonymous said...

Whereabouts in Shaw Street was Jolly's TV and repair shop. Did anyone buy records from Jolly's.

Anonymous said...

Watson's bakery was owned by my Godfather Bill McBean. His son Billy now runs the shop. Billy's brother Graham runs a bakery in Paisley!!!

It is great to see the shop in Google Street view all the way from Canada!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just been to Watson's today...a wee trip down memory lane. 3 generations of my family worked there. Went in to get a wee treat for my Aunty who is now 85 and worked in Watson's over 50 years ago. I know our memory gets us a wee bit melancholy but I was just remembering today how busy Govan was and I didn't need to go far for all you needed. Sad to see it so quiet and on a Saturday lunch time!!! Incidentally Watson's was nearly sold still popular.
To answer an earlier question Jolly's was on the opposite side of the street and down towards Langlands Road, near Dands....I could go on all day. Does anybody remember Shafar Fashions??

Nihil Sine Labore said...

Yep, I remember a smock top I got out of Shafar's. Very fashionable.