Tuesday, 7 April 2009

A Romantic View of the Pearce Institute

As part of the 'Homecoming Scotland' series,
here is a very atmospheric picture of the PI in woodland setting


sandra said...

Wow, this is a view of the PI that I never saw as a kid growing up in Pearce Street. I'm guessing it's taken from where the post office used to be. Govan certainly seems to have a lot more greenery these days! Thanks for posting this lovely photo.

stevedouglas391@btinternet.com said...

Hi LG ,Certainly a different view of the PI. Makes me even more determined to spend some time in Govan when we go on our annual pilgimage round to The Mull of Kintyre in August,Can't help but wonder if I have been anywhere on those delightful tram lines,very probably.Then came the dreaded trolley buses and it was no longer possible to get, in the words of the song,"Yella caur tae Bellahouston". Thanks again for the memories,

Nathan said...

a right midgie rakers eye view here.