Thursday, 7 May 2009

Watson's Cake Parade

Wasn't it great when your Granny and Great Aunty came for afternoon tea and brought a cake box tied with string. And the conversation was always very interesting.

Here are a couple of fairy cakes on sale in Watson's Bakery, Shaw Street, Govan in 2009. They are light in texture with a covering of white icing and chocolate sprinkles. The one on the left is a variation: the top has been sliced off and cream smothered inbetween.

These are the top cakes. A pineapple souffle and a raspberry souffle (pronounced soofle). I have recently seen these called 'tarts', but we always, rightly or wrongly, referred to them as soofles.

Today in Watsons, for a change, the one on the right has an added ornamental swirl.

Here they are from a sideways angle so we can see the very delicious shell. It's the combination of the crispness of the shell and the soft fondant and the sweeeeeeeeeeeet cream inside that makes this cake so perfect.


cake eater said...

I would really like one of those.

LMS said...

who is cake eater? they just go about lookin for blogs with cakes in them?