Tuesday, 19 May 2009


There is a power of aggression on the Govan Road today.

I walk out of the Royal Bank in the morning and into the eye of a storm. A big black 4x4 is stopped in the middle of the road and the driver has the window down, leaning across the passenger's seat, screaming at a fella who's getting money out of the cashline. And I mean screaming. His face is twisted and he's bawling obscenities, the likes of which I won't repeat, and the man at the cash machine is roaring back, cursing and swearing, threatening abuse.

One is accusing the other of starting it. The other says he will rip his head off. The first says he will cut the other's throat. They are both middle aged men. Neither of them looks like they'd be fit to fight. The one at the bank's got glasses on and looks mild mannered but his replies are vicious.

Take it this is a 'road rage' dispute and the big black jeep driver has chased the other offender who has since left his car to go to the bank.

What a state they get themselves into. Can't be good for you. I don't feel it's doing me any good either.

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