Friday, 29 May 2009

Skoosh Me . . . Skoosh Me!

We're in a heatwave with glorious sun and blue skies. The warm temperature is so relaxing and makes hingin oot windaes a pleasure beyond compare.

In the deep chasm of Luath Street there's a whole host of enjoyment and delightful summertime pursuits going on as dusk falls and the heat continues to sustain us.
Attached to the well at the kitchen sink of a ground floor flat snakes a long yellow hose, out into the hands of girls and boys who take turns snatching it and squirting water over each other. One big lad is controlling the flow but the rest get a good chance at drenching themselves and everyone else. The Govan dogs love it too and bound around in the spray.
You can spurt the water by half blocking the hose end with your fingers and a powerful jet will shoot out targeting one willing victim. Or, you can adjust it to a very fine spray and gently soak everybody.
The older generation are out too and enjoy catching up with news and views as they lean on the railings at the close mouth.
Squeals of laughter echo up through the red canyon of tenements and there's a sense of good humour and wellbeing in the warm shade of evening.

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