Friday, 5 June 2009

Govan Fair: Royalty and Dignitaries

I skip tea tonight as we'll no doubt get chips after the Govan Fair procession. Today has been mixed weather, a wee bit cloudy with a forecast for rain, but after a couple of showers, the day settled into sunshine and cloud. The crowds milling about beneath the watchful eye of the Black Man are in good humour and catching up with those they haven't seen for a while, for whatever reason.

"Hey! Ye're back!" shouts one lad to a young man, clean shaven with a short fashionable haircut and smartly dressed in well pressed shirt and blue jeans. The excited friend calls to another standing at the door of Brechin's. "C'mere! Look who's here!" and another fella pushes his way through to welcome him with a hearty slap on the back and a concerned "how are ye? howzit feeling to be oot?".
A chap with a "Jim'll Fix It" emblem on his chair and a Jimmy Saville wig on his head can't see for the crowd. Hopefully someone will let him through to the edge of the pavement when the procession comes by. Another wig, this time a girl in shocking pink is holding a microphone and conducting interviews.
The balloons are calmly swaying above the heads of the crowd - prancing ponies and Sponge Bob, who makes an escape and drifts swiftly upwards through the still blue air.
Now for Govan's royalty and dignitaries, some looking pleased and proud, others looking very my-oh. We wave and they pretty much all wave back.

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