Friday, 26 June 2009

Gracious Living

Cousin Ned has the keys for his new abode in an elegant tenement overlooking the pleasant parkland donated to Govan by the benevolent Isabella Elder, to aid Govan residents in ‘healthful recreation by music and amusement’.

The flitting is being done in stages and today I help carry in a few bags and boxes before taking a look out at the back courts. A resident is taking out his bins and extends a welcome.
"It's a good close. We a' look oot for each other", he says reassuringly.

We are enjoying a fabulous heatwave and today's bright sun illuminates the fresh green landscape. A keen gardener has planted nasturtium around the middens and against the walls of the tenement. Birds are singing in the treetops, a cat stretches lazily in the sunshine.
On a wee wall sit two fellas quaffing vodka from a bottle. One leaps up and introduces himself, shaking hands and inviting us to partake of a small refreshment. He is friendly and shirtless, tattooed and sporting the usual scar from corner of mouth to ear - you see a lot of guys with that in Govan today.


sandra said...

It's a nice looking tenement with a lovely view of the park (reminds me of my first flat in Ibrox). Hope your cousin is happy in his new place.

Nihil Sine Labore said...

thanks Sandra for your good wishes