Saturday, 31 October 2009

Warlocks, Witches & Watsons

A warlock gets his messages from the Govan Market on Hallowe'en, engaging fellow shoppers in chat about quality of fruit and veg and of course, price.
"Away on yer broomstick an get some aff the trees in Spain if ye're no happy." That's him telt.

In Shaw Street, Watsons Bakery has a bewitching display of Hallowe'en cakes. The big cake is covered with soft fondant icing and filled with melt-in-yer-mouth cream. The wee cakes have skull rings set into them.

A witch gets into the spirit of Hallowe'en, devouring a jammy Empire Biscuit in Hallowe'en colours. Yum.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Fire Enquiries

Sperr grun where newly demolished warehouses stood in Shaw Street
Shooting down Shaw Street in the wee car, the young tiny govan team is spotted, sauntering along at dusk.
I stop to enquire where the Guy Fawkes festivities are to be held this year, as Rathlin Street is now a work in progress of tacky modern flats.
"Don't know," says a few, shrugging shoulders.
"How? You comin?" asks a tall fair boy.
"Uh-huh, but where is it?"

A dark owl-like boy thinks on his feet and chips in, in a squeaky voice, "Up therr, at the sperr grun'" and he points back to where the warehouses have recently been demolished and cleared.
"Aye, the bonfire's therr!" a bunch of them shout enthusiastically.
"Young Govan Team!" shouts one, for no apparent reason.
"Mebbe it'll be your motor," jeers the tall boy again, with a wide grin.
"Ha - ye can have it!" says I, speeding off before they take me up on the offer.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Thank You Mrs Elder, It's Beautiful

It's a beautiful combination, warm sun in a bright blue sky illuminating a riot of reds and golds through crispy autumn leaves, the tranquility of the verdant parkland, the glassy surface of the Elder Park pond, disturbed only by two swans a-swimming.

I stroll round the water, and recall a newspaper pic of two of my pals who went out in a boat here once, decades ago, and it capsized and they had to be fished out. The photo was of them sitting all huddery and frowning under towels like a pair of drowned rats. Ha! How funny - just remembered that picture, though I always remember the day they went down when I come in here. Same as I always remember being at the park one dinnertime with my ma and the siblings and my da playing football with his workmates, and him losing the door key out his pocket and us all having to crawl along the grass in a line, examining every square inch till they were recovered. Which they were, incidentally.

Beautiful day, beautiful park, beautiful Govan.