Monday, 14 September 2009

Govan's Lost Wilderness

Around this time one year ago, I wrote of the 'dear green place' that had sprung up off Water Row.

"We are on the cusp of autumn, but today is decidedly summer" I wrote, waxing lyrical. "This grassy field is surrounded by trees and hedgerows, still in full leafy bloom. The grass grows long and wild and I walk round the perimeter, enjoying the warmth of the sun beating down on me".
Today is a day pretty much like the one I described back then, but now, the dear green is going, ploughed up by a digger, rubble piled high and ground scraped right down through a few generations of dirt.
It used to have Jack's Bakery, it used to have a close, it used to have a post sorting office, it used to have trams running over it, it used to have a shipyard, it used to have wee cottages and inns. The dear green place - which was only that for a season - now enters its next incarnation.

Glad they're keeping the cobblestones safe.


Ellen said...

Lady Govan, thanks so much for keeping us up to date with the changes. This area is very much my "homeland" as I was brought up in Pearce Street. So many memories of the places you mentioned - apart from the white cottages (too far back in time!) although our great-grandfather lived in one before moving to the tenements when they were built in Pearce Street.
What's going on there, is this the start of new houses being built in Pearce Lane/Pearce Street?

LMS said...

i planted those flowers

Susan said...

Hi Lady Govan, this is a fascinating read for me as I've been researching Helen Crawfurd, maiden name Jack. I found out it was her father who was of Jack's Rolls fame! Do you have anymore information about Jack's bakery? Where did the shop move to when the building was knocked down?