Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bonfire Builders

The morning of the fifth of November dawns to the sound of pelting rain. It is dreich and dark with no sign of the gloom lifting. But as often happens in the west of Scotland, the sky begins to lighten and cloud rolls back as the day goes on and by four o'clock the young wans are busy dragging combustible material to the site at Shaw Street/Golspie Street.

The base of the bonfire is mattresses piled four high. Bedsteads, kitchen chairs, a fireside surround - appropriately, planks of wid, the side of a cot, a coupla foam cushions lie in a stack, waiting to be carefully positioned.One young firebug is taking this seriously and barking out instructions to the others, imparting his expert knowledge on the formation of an effective fire.
"Yiv goat tae get a firm foundation, right. They mattresses'll dae. Stack thim up n we'll pit things on tap."
Some other boys cross over the road and sit on a fence to watch. They do a power of laughing and jeering, but the firebuilders continue undeterred.

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