Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bye Bye Guy

"Govan Guy Fawkes Photo Award 2009".
Thanks Berd
The fireworks are amazing, whizzing, screaming and banging all over the sky. All are agreed that the best is when one shoots off sidey-ways onto the road. A car stops, waits while it zips about the road and then drives over it. Ha! The Police are right behind in a big van and do a menacing U-turn and appear on Shaw Street. True to form, they just sit there for a minute and drive away.
The Chinese fireworks are so amazing that when somebody comes along with a Standard Firework rocket, one boy shouts, "That wiz gay," as it pops in a puff of stars which fall lightly to the grun.

Night night Guy Fawkes. With all the building going on in Govan, where will you be next year? I'm a bit worried.

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