Thursday, 5 November 2009

Fire, Fire, Burning Bright

Nightfall, and although the ground is sodden underfoot, it's a cold dry night and pleasant to watch the lighting of this hastily erected bonfire, now trimmed with wooden doors. Paraffin and petrol is applied and after a slow crackle, the whole thing goes whooooosh.

There's plenty of kindling, a variety of planks and furniture of sorts to throw on the fiery furnace. A tall boy, dressed in blue tracksuit with matching baseball cap has taken charge. He wrests the wood from the younger boys and chucks it vigorously onto the flames. Then he batters into the fire with a big stick. Now he picks up boulders and whams them against the doors. After this prolonged and violent attack, he aims a kick at a flaming brand, turns away and disappears into the darkness.

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