Thursday, 5 November 2009

Guy Fawkes Fireworks

There's a rare heat at the fire tonight, but you have to watch where you stand as there are fireworks being set off on all sides.
A very thin mum dressed in a white coat arranges her box of fireworks in a ring and then lights them one by one, leaning over the lit ones to reach the others and picking up fizzing fireworks to dig them deeper into the ground when they fall over.

The spare grun isn't as cosy as the Rathlin Street site of 2008, but offers a grand view to the tenement residents of Shaw Street. But we have a rare view too, as from where we are standing we can actually watch 'Reporting Scotland' on the massive plasma screen tele stuck up on the back wall of the living room of a flat on the first floor. The blazing bonfire is magically reflected in a ground floor window.

Sweeties of all sorts and lemonade are enjoyed at the bonfire blitz. A pall of sweet scented smoke hangs in the air. The high backcourt affords a panoramic view of the proceedings and allows the young blades up there an excellent position from which to chuck missiles.
A meteor shower over Govan. Special thanks to tonight's Chinese Pyrotechnic Master and Restaurateur at Kungfu Takeaway in Shaw Street, for providing an amazing array of fireworks. Must be direct from Beijing cos they are well beyond the usual level of dynamite available here.

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cake eater said...

Do you not have any news on Govan at Christmas and New Year? Did Watson's not have any special Christmas cakes?