Monday, 21 December 2009

Watson's Festive Fare

Always a cheery welcome at Watsons from the two ladies who have selt the cakes, pies and scones as long as I can remember.
Today, funnily enough, one says to the other as she puts a half dozen rolls in a poke,
"How long you been here?" and the other lady replies, "I don't know . . . it'll be twenty odd years?" and the first lady has a right laugh and says, "No, I mean . . . what time did you start the day?" and everybody joins in laughing while the other says,
"Och, I was in first thing . . . right enough, it feels like twenty odd years."

Delicious home baking all ready to buy at very fair prices.

Plenty of red and green festive colours

"Gie's wan a' thaym wi the cream," says this customer.
"Right ye's are, who's next?"

This little delicacy is something new for Christmas 2009. Set on a crisp bed of golden biscuit is a chocolatey digestive truffle, cochineal coloured and richly flavoured, with overflowing soft but firm fondant icing and a smart wee holly sprig on top with red berry. A new favourite for the tea table this Christmas.

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