Thursday, 14 January 2010

Are You Taking Offence?

I turn the corner and our eyes meet and he nods and I smile a big hello there.
He doesn't smile but just starts talking away and walks along with me.

"You been out to the islands then?" he asks and I say, "Not since October."
Then he starts a big long tale of how he got barred out of Oban.
He was putting in double glazing and got barred out a couple of pubs and then before you know it he got barred out the whole a' Oban.
"You goin up the toon?" he asks as we walk towards the subway. "Get ye up."

The train's in so we get on and I pick my favourite seat - the short ones at end of the carriage. He starts telling me the story again about the double glazing and then about Gordon Brown and the biography he's reading about him just now.
"Ye know he's a Govan man," he says, nodding his head seriously.
"M-hm," says me.

The subway's dead rattly and loud as usual and I have to strain to hear what he's saying. Anyway, a few more things about drink and him getting barred out of places and me smiling over to him, although I can't make it all out.

We get up the town and I stand up and say it was nice to see him and that. He gets up too and says he'll get off as well. So, we are on the platform and walking along and he starts chuckling about him getting barred out of Oban and so, I just start laughing along with him and then I say, "Och well, you're better off without them," and next thing, he just shrugs his shoulders and looks down at me sideways and kind of jerks his head and says, "Right well, if that's the way ye feel" and shoots off.
Head down and away, up the stairs and out of sight.

I'm left bewildered. What was that about? I didn't say anything, did I?
But he must've thought I did. Dear, dear, dear.

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