Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Help Yoursel'

I'm last in the queue in Greggs at Govan Cross. Customers are buying hot sausage rolls and bread and so on for breakfast. The door pushes open behind me and someone comes in, but I don't bother looking round. Suddenly, I'm aware of a woman's face looking closely into mine.
"Nice foundation," says she.
"What did she say?" I think and feel a bit self-conscious. "Did I forget to blend?"

She's jaunty, but with the fragility of one addled by drink. She screws her face up in a grin and shrugs her shoulders.
"Nice," she says again.
She pushes by me and past the man in front to get into the chill cabinet. Looking around at us, she smilingly takes a carton of milk and a packet of sandwiches. Then about turn and out of the shop with a light-hearted cheerio.
I watch her go out and look at the shop assistants. They've paid her no heed. Did they see her? Does she do this every morning? Does she have an account here? Nah, not in a big chain like Greggs.

When I come out, she's standing at the end of the row of shops with a street singer who often serenades us at Govan Cross. He's slurping the milk down and she's tearing wee bits off her piece, lost in thought and a bit shaky and trembly. He wipes his mouth and starts up an unmelodic song to welcome another spring day.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Remembering Helen

Remembering my kinswoman, Helen, resident of Govan, who suffered hardship and applied for relief on this day 123 years ago, and received no mercy.

Parish of Govan Combination - Application for Poor Relief
Name: Helen S.
Age: 23 yrs
Date: on 22nd April 1887 at 1.35 pm
Address: 13 Harmony Row, 1 up mid /Kellochan/
Place of Birth: Pollock Street. P'Shaws

Occ. Winder
Disabled: Partially
Hus., wife, child, children: Helen, 2 years. born Shawhill St. P'Shaws. Agnes 2/52, born 13 Harmony Row. Both illegitimate. Reputed father is John D., Holder on, Resides: Albert St. with his parents.
Other information: Daughter of John S., Harper, dead and Helen D. residing at Rosendale Road, P'Shaws.

Assistant Inspectors Report (home visit)
85742. 23 April 1887 at 2.30 pm
Helen S., 13 Harmony Row, 1 up.
aged 23 yrs, born Pollok St. Pollokshaws. Presently single. Winder. Partially disabled. Daughter of John S., a Harper, dead and Helen D., residing with her daughter, Mrs G. at Uries Land, Rosendale Road, Pollokshaws.
Family (Illegitimate)
Helen 2 yrs. Born 7 Shawhill St. Pollokshaws 8/4/85
Agnes 2 weeks born 13 Harmony Row, Govan 8/4/87
Reputed father of both children is John D., a Labourer, residing with his parents at 41 Albert St. Govan. He admits paternity of eldest child by registering it as his and he gave her money occasionally but has not given her anything since January last.
Residences: Present house, since September last, Govan 7 months
7 Shawhill St. P'Shaws with her mother, Eastwood 5 years
Wilson St. P'Shaws Eastwood 16 yrs
Certified in Good Health
No means in lodgings
Settlement Eastwood
(signed) Walter Ness
Medical Certificate
Dr Barras, 700 Govan Road
No infirmities. Fit for work.

Decision of Committee: 10 May 1887
Poor House - Illegitimate Children (Not In)
26/4/87 Wrote father of children

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Spicy Govan

This shop (corner of Govan Rd & Rathlin St) has been sitting shut for ages, but hey - it's opening soon and it's not a bookies or a pawn shop. The signs are just going up and you will be delighted to know they will be selling "KEBEBS", for those visiting from Bearsden, and other exotic dishes.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Spike & Gav's Teeth

Chalk is a fine thing for drawing and writing menshies on pavements and walls.
Spike in Rathlin Street and Gav's Teeth in Shaw Street.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Watson's Easter Tweets

You couldn't make a yummier cake than this golden confection of thick fondant icing, trimmed with a soft trim of chocolatey brown, scored like the twigs of a nest. Two little chickadees gaze at the camera with quizzical stares.

Hundreds and Thousands decorate the sides and two of the little chicks haven't hatched yet.

We cut the cake into pieces and get wired into the soft, sweet cream and moist cake - mmmmmm Happy Easter!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter Parade

Easter Bunny, Easter Chicks, Easter Bonnets . . . everything for a secular Easter celebration.

And the sacred is also available in a variety of cello wrapped cards.

Has the window changed from Mother's Day? Must check . . .