Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A Garden Beyond Paradise

I've seen some beautiful flowers,
Grow in life's garden fair,
I've spent some wonderful hours,
Lost in their fragrance rare;
But I have found another,
Wondrous beyond compare.
Caddigan & Brennan

A garden paradise in the dusky red canyon of Luath Street. That's the beauty of a ground floor flat.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Govan (Re) New

A sneak peek at the lifting and laying going on outside Govan New.

The Govan Baby fountain is away, getting reborn I suppose.

Friday, 4 June 2010

Govan Fair Festivities

What a magic night - thanks for another great Govan Fair. Long may it continue! Spot the Labradoodles - never ones to miss the fun.
The festivities go on well into the wee hours with plenty of shouting, drinking and general running about daft, thanks to the warm temperatures and good humour of the Govanites, 2010!

The Bill of Fair

So, who is the best represented group at this year's Govan Fair? Well, on reflection, I'd have to say it's the Polis. Before the night's even started, they're making their subtle presence felt.
Two constables stand at the corner of Shaw Street and the Govan Road, below the all-seeing eye of the camera on the pole next to them. It swivels around all night, watching proceedings, east, west, north and south.
In the warm summer night, a young gent helps Police with their enquiries.
The heat gets more intense in this blurry photo of the sid, dressed in black leather jaikets. In the close mooth, they question a chap, one talking into a walkie-talkie and the other writing in a wee notebook. The interrogated is thin as a stick, skin like parchment stretched to its limits over his face.
A poliswumman on a bike.
An Asian policeman walkin'.
The meat wagon does its rounds after the fair.
This one always gives me the creeps.
N.B. Mounted polis were in also in attendance but they were down at Howat Street and too far away for ma camera.

Life Saver Brigades

Life is precarious, so thanks to the following for extending a lifeline to us all in times of need.
The Sufferin' General. Love it or hate it, most Govanites owe it their life.
The Fire Brigade - thanks again for saving us in the great chip pan fire of '73.
And how many times have you been saved by a Caramel Wafer or a Tunnocks Teacake. Me as well!

Merr Floats

Boffins fae the Science Centre come along to educate us on the wonders of kettles, the universe and specs.
It's a Pirate's Life for this group - can't remember who they are.


Someone says the Fairfield Angling Club are the simpsons tonight. I don't know cos, as you may know, they're banned in my house. . . not the anglers.
Some mellow crooning from Galgael. The girl on the sax is giving it her heart and soul. Great sounds btw.

Everybody's Off To See The Wizard

What's with the Wizard of Oz this year? Is it some kind of anniversary or something?

Two different groups put it on and they both had the rainbow of balloons across the top of their van.
Who copied who then?

Dancin' In The Streets

Keeping a bit of rhythm in the procession are this year's array of dance troupes.

The Bands Played On

The skirl o' the pipes from The Renfrew Church Pipe Band and St. Francis's.
With old time Govan favourites, The Sally Army.

Right Royals

As Govan Fair Royalty approaches, a loyal subject salutes.

And now the Sheep's Heid advances carried proudly aloft.

The Queen sits pretty on the horse drawn carriage,

and her attendants manage a wee wave now and again whilst tucking into chocolate, crisps and ginger in the back of their limo.

Didn't catch sight of Nicola tonight, but here are some dignified ladies to make up for her.


Music from the Sunny Govan Radio roadshow blares out and Govanites dance, . . . rock on,
have a good old family brawl,
and chase bubbles floating in the warm evening air.

Get Ready - It's Comin'!

The Govan Fair is a great night for catching up with friends you've not seen for ages. Much better than meeting up at funerals. Meetin' n Greetin' is going on all along the Govan Road.

Everyone's in party spirit and the kids are having fun buying balloons, bubbles and flags to wave when the procession comes.
Our pal Harry, native of the Wine Alley, has set out his wares on a sheet on the ground at the end of Harmony Row. He's doing a roaring trade, as usual. Harry will be 80 years young on his next birthday he tells us.

Govan Fair Build-Up

Flags out in Burleigh Street, heralding the Govan Fair Procession which will soon pass by. Nice window box missus. Scaffolding obscures the front of the P.I. as work is being done, I know not what.
Balloons at Brechins - all sorts.

Govan Fair Warm-Up

Amazing weather for our favourite festival. No cards to mark it, but it's the top day of the Govan calendar.
The Govan Fair, Glasgow's oldest Procession, instituted in 1756 by the Govan Weavers.
From early on, Govanites are anticipating the big show, grabbing a ringside spot on the electrics box at the end of Shaw Street.
Whooping it up at the edge of the pavement while their mum's in buying chips, are two wee dancers. The wee man's intently following his sister's every move, whilst sooking his dummy, which as we all know, aids concentration.