Sunday, 2 May 2010

First Holy Communion

As the year rolls round, the card shop at 851 Govan Road marks a very important milestone in a Catholic child's life; First Holy Communion. You may buy cards or little sets with a missal, rosary beads and either a locket of a saint or a rosette of some kind, for girls and boys.

When I was wee, the First Sunday in May was an occasion for Catholic children to wear a new outfit - though I only remember girls talking about it. They'd get a new dress, hat, a bag, snowy white ankle socks, patent shoes. There was a lot of excitement and pride associated with it. Those who attended the kirk joined in a bit but lacked the fervour.

I'm not sure if the First Sunday in May is an official church festival, but I'll wear my new belt in commemoration of it anyway.

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