Thursday, 29 July 2010

Dig At The Bogs

Look at this! It's the lavvies at Govan Cross uncovered.
Recent archaeological activity exposes the layout of the public conveniences with fancy glazed white bricks.
On the left you can see a row of urinals and is that a row of sinks?
So, this must be the Gents'. Where is the Ladies from here? Is that the area at the back?

You know the sad thing, like all the sad things about Govan? They're going to fill it in permanently and as the railings aren't listed, they'll be going in to storage and may be used in Govan elsewhere, some time or other. Aye . . . know what I'd like to do wi the railings.

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Ellen said...

From what I remember, the ladies were further back behind the gents. That's a shame about the railings. I know they are only railings but.... another wee bit of the old Govan being taken away makes me sad.