Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Through A Glass Brick Darkly

So, me and the pips are having an argument about the inside of The Lyceum. She says there's nothing behind the facade.
"Yes, there is," says I.
"No there isn't, she insists. You can look down on it and it's just open ground. You can look yourself on google maps. Check the aerial view."
"No way," I say.

We are walking past it and the sun is out and shining.
"Look up there," she says, "you can see the clear air through the bricks - the see-through glass bricks."
I am looking and looking, trying to see through the screen which portrays the old Lyceum of yesteryear.
"Where? Where? I can't see that - I can't see any clear air. I'm telling you it's a cinema in there. All dark red velvet."
But then, my eye suddenly focuses on the glassy brick which clearly shows light blue air behind it.

I feel downcast and low. What happened to the cinema? Have I been walking past it all this time and it's just been a front?

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Ellen said...

Oh no! Not something else disappearing. I'd like to hear any updates about this.