Friday, 20 August 2010

pb and celtic's big night oot

Hi again to guest blogger, benk. Newly come to Govan from the north-east, benk is quickly realising that the natives are friendly.

the other nicht on ma late night jaunt tae the g-side wyclef jean was on that radio sproutin aboot his bid tae be el presidente of haiti. i parked up and wuz listening tae him. as i wuz listening ma beads spotted twa lassies walking doon the street. the taller wan had on the bumble bee celtic tap wi trackies and her wee pal had a white pb jaiket and them cut-aff jeans. in her arms celtic was cradling a bottle of budwiser, a packet o cribs and a pot noodle. i watched them walk by, just having a listen tae president wyclef.

suddenly, a turn o events i wisnae expecting. celtic stalked back, looked in ma windae, then walked awa again. i was confused. oot a nowhere, back she came, peeked in the windae, and walked awa. i didnae have a clue. ma confusion turned tae astonishment and bewilderment whenever she stalked back, looked in the windae and opened the door. ma jaiket fell oot on the street. she reached oot her grubby and picked it up. 'that'll need a dryclean' i thought. 'oh expletive' she said, 'sorry pal'. i said it wuz ok. she said, 'ah didnae realise anywan wuz in here, i thought somewan had left their radio and i wuz gonnae shout up 'somewan's left their radio on, the battery will go flat''. 'thats very good of you' i said, as she shut the door and walked awa. i thought tae maself, 'what a wee lovely, it jist goes tae show ye'.


Anonymous said...

maybe she was actually lookin for some business...

LMS said...

another good one. govan at night is such a magical place full of warm loverly people