Saturday, 27 November 2010

O Snow

" O snow, which sinks so light, Brown earth is hid from sight."
Snow begins to fall today, casting Govan Road in ethereal beauty.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Christmas Tree 2010

The Govan Christmas Tree has been positioned. Under the watchful eye of the Black Man it stands, protected by a high wire grille.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

What Did The Big Chimney Say To The Wee Chimney?

A charming glimpse of modern day Govan childhood larks, from new guest blogger, Wee Raberta.

Flippin’, ah was walkin tae ma flat, right, n ah saw wee boys aboot five or six year-aul', riiight, they’d been roon’ the back smoking fags, right.

N then they saw me, riiight, and the wan wi the lighter drapped it under the railings, riiight, n he moans “aw naw, aw naw, who dis that belang tae, ah jist f'un' it”, riiight.

N ah jist shook ma heid n was like, right, see ye later, am away up tae ma scratcher.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Treason And Plot, Without The Gunpowder

Darkness falls and it's a mean, cold night. I am walking through the streets of Govan, sniffing for gunpowder or smoke from a bonfire. Boom! A firework explodes up a close. The dampness of the still air seeps through jackets, trousers, shoes, socks, into the bones. Even if we could find a bonfire, it's too late to get warm at it.

The regeneration of Govan has extinguished one of its hottest winter festivals. Building sites, new housing, fancy landscaped back courts means there's nowhere to build the bonfire and set off the fireworks. Well, there's still the sperr grun at Water Row, but nothin's there for whatever reason. It feels as depressing as a damp squib.

Just before midnight, a dug starts barking like crazy and there's the sound of a scuffle and running and then the polis motors screech along Govan Road - up to eleven of them at one point - with officers running up closes to bring out the bad rascals in a big, bad round-up.

I'm just saying - I might not be right - but I'm just saying, maybe this could've been avoided if we'd had the usual bonfire malarkey, setting off fireworks, burning household goods and so on.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Guy Looking For A Bonfire

Building sites in Govan, with tight security set in place, means that there's no place to build a bonfire. That takes care of previous sites, such as Rathlin Street and Shaw Street/Golspie Street.

Nothing to see in the landscaped backcourts.

In east Govan, there's no sign of life at the sperr grun sites still available. No wood collections as there's been in the past few years. It was only 2008 when I saw the tallest pyramid of wooden planks I ever did see at Summertown Road. But this week there's nothing. Just dank wilderness and weeds.

Have received word that two boys, about 8, have been collecting penny for the guy at Govan X. The guy being a Sponge Bob thing sticking out the top of a black bin bag. It'll be hard pressed to find a fire to sit on.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Wood Pile?

I'm not going out of my way, but I am keeping a look out for signs of wood, kindling and combustible materials being gathered in preparation for Guy Fawkes 2010.

So far, no sign.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Govan's Glamorous Neighbour

Doesn't Partick look glamorous by night? Gleaming towers are reflected in the still River Clyde.
And up river, the city of Glasgow burns in the distance.

Wonder how we look? Must take a trip across to the other side and check it out some time.