Thursday, 4 November 2010

Guy Looking For A Bonfire

Building sites in Govan, with tight security set in place, means that there's no place to build a bonfire. That takes care of previous sites, such as Rathlin Street and Shaw Street/Golspie Street.

Nothing to see in the landscaped backcourts.

In east Govan, there's no sign of life at the sperr grun sites still available. No wood collections as there's been in the past few years. It was only 2008 when I saw the tallest pyramid of wooden planks I ever did see at Summertown Road. But this week there's nothing. Just dank wilderness and weeds.

Have received word that two boys, about 8, have been collecting penny for the guy at Govan X. The guy being a Sponge Bob thing sticking out the top of a black bin bag. It'll be hard pressed to find a fire to sit on.

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