Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Christmas lights on Govan Road. A window of twinkly rangers red and blue is enhanced by the flashing lights of that place down the stairs.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Sparkling On Ice

So, the Christmas tree arrived in Govan way back on the 17th of November but it has stood in behind its iron railings unlit for a number of weeks now.
On the week ending 3rd December I phoned the P.I. to ask if they knew when the big light-up ceremony would be. Eh, naw, we've no heard, was the reply.
Time passed and every evening the Christmas tree stood with lights in place, but still in drab darkness.
Right, what's going on, we're all thinking. So, this morning, I phone the P.I. again and this time a woman answers and with a bemused chuckle in her voice tells me the lights actually got turned on last night. They didn't have a ceremony or anything - no youth groups were there, or Santa or presentation selection boxes. "Don't quite know who witnessed it," she finishes, "maybe just a few folk standing waiting for a bus."

I nip along to snap a picture of the tree resplendent in its wintry twinkle. There's an added bonus of an outdoor ice rink in the street. Somebody's written HA HA HA on the big electrical box thing - pity they didn't think to make it HO HO HO.

We're dead lucky to have a Christmas tree this year, what with all the cutbacks and recession and so on, even if it did stand for a month with nae lights. What's the big iron grille about though? No need.