Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Big Ship Sailed

After days of sunny weather, we awaken to grey skies and rain, but are cheered by the news that the Tall Ship is moving down river.
In the evening, we get off the subway and emerge into the light. We walk with mounting excitement in anticipation of the sight which will greet us as we pass Govan New.
Yeeeeessss. we've got a big ship right in our living room! It's so close and looks really amazing.
Shame for Partick. They haven't got quite the same view.


Ellen said...

I would never have recognised Govan Cross from the photos had it not been for the Aitken Memorial.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back again dear I really enjoyed the picture of the drinking fountain do you know if it works I can't remember if it ever worked when I was a lad.

Ellen said...

I just enlarged the photos and noticed the board saying 'The Square.' Surely they aren't going to change the name Govan Cross to The Square?? No, no, that would be going a bit too far, wouldn't it?

Nihil Sine Labore said...

Ellen: Didn't even notice that. How ridiculous. As stupid as their freezing cold/too hot/dripping wet stainless steel benches. Will investigate further.

Anon: Hello & thanks for writing. Let's hope the fountain is welling up with uisge beatha. Will let you know after it opens on 1st June!

Carlos Ribeiro said...

Even with the cloudy sky I see the beauty of the place.
Best wishes