Friday, 3 June 2011

The Big Vans Can Vamoosh

We're having a great time tonight. Flags are flying and there's a great atmosphere in the warm sun. Sorry to cast a negative comment, but here goes . . .
This year we welcome Dobbie's Garden Centre, newly opened at Braeheid. So, maybe they haven't seen the Govan Fair before and if not, then ok, fair enough. But, the thing is, it's just not good enough to put in your works' van and leave it at that. We're really looking for the transformation of the back of a lorry, with some kind of theme, connected in some way to your business. Thanks a lot for joining in though and we look forward to seeing your big flower display next year. Something akin to Chelsea.

Same goes for you Asda. No excuse for you, you've got plenty of maddies working for you who could put on a fine show.

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