Friday, 3 June 2011

Brechin's Is Better

On towards the Cross, past Brechins where a throng of open-air drinkers spill on to the pavement. I take a quick pic of a shimmering tower of balloons quivering in the stillness.
Suddenly I see Wee Eck, upon whom I haven't laid eyes for, we reckon, 25 years. What an occasion!
The Sheep's Heid solemnly advances.

The Govan Fair Queen, majestic in her carriage.  At this point I realise my photos have the hideous Govan Shopping Centre as backdrop, so I race up the road a bit.
Brechin's is better.
The Attendants.

And the Politicians.
There's Nicola, waving her flag - she follows me on Twitter btw.

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