Friday, 3 June 2011

A Spot Of Sightseeing

The floats trundle off towards Elder Park and this year lots of people linger around Govan Cross, posing for pictures with the Govan Baby and then promenading along the banks of the Clyde where final preparations are being made for the opening of the Riverside Museum.

Strains of Scots fiddle music from the tall ship soar across the water, where many of us stand with our noses pressed up against the wire railings, keeping us out of the rrrrre-generation of the rrrrriver.

On our way back along Govan Road, we see Ladbrokes glass door has been smashed but all is harmonious in the warm atmosphere of Govan's street corners.

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Ellen said...

Many thanks Lady Govan. Loved reading about the goings on and looking at the photos. Memories of Govan Fair in the past came flooding back! Would love to make it one of these years.