Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hide 'n' Seek

What an absolutely amazing day it's been! Hot skies and sun radiating warmth upon our beloved riverside home.

The blue, blue evening is turning to gold and through the weedy banks of the River Clyde, little voices can be heard, calling in hoarse whispers, "Who is it wur catchin'?" followed by wee feet running swiftly and swishings through the undergrowth.
Further along the bank, a clever whistle pierces the air, signalling some manoeuvre to members of one of the teams in this late night game of Hide and Seek.
All of a sudden, a rush through the tall grasses and just as quickly, silence.

This is one of them long summer evenings when you just never want a game to end.
And as this is the twenty-first century and we're in Govan, there's no danger of anyone getting shouted in.
So, play on weans and enjoy the good weather while it lasts!

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