Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lazy River

The sun has been blazing in the sky for days now. This morning is fine and the sun waxes in intensity as the hours draw on till noon. Groups gather on the scraggy banks of the Clyde to picnic on Red Biddy and its modern day equivalents. Boys, with no work and no school, congregate in the heat of the day, throw stones in the water and lie on the banks, their faces upturned to the sun.
On a promontory overlooking the gently flowing river, three 10 year olds strip down to their shorts and warily enter the stream, wading in to waist level and bobbing up and down in the waves created by a passing speed boat.
At the graving basin on Stag Street, a few teenagers look prepared to leap into the water far below. Fortunately, they just cast a line into it instead. Wonder what kind of fish would come up out of there?

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Ellen said...

A very different looking, and sounding, Clyde from what I remember. It still attracts wee boys as it did in days gone by. I remember being held high on a neighbour's shoulder while crowds gathered at the bottom of Water Row. Another wee boy had gone under the water.