Friday, 16 December 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have never seen 21st century Govan Cross as busy as it is today. Surging with shoppers, queues like an execution at Iceland where trolleys are filling up with frozen pizza, Indian meals for two, frosty fish fingers, boxes of biscuits and nets of gold coins. Next door in the big bargain shop, every checkout is checking through long lines of shoppers with baskets overbrimming with toys, perfume sets, cards, plants, everything a bargain.
Deans Superstore lives inside the centre now and is packed full of cheap bargains - although the shopkeeper rips off a man buying the cheapest, tattiest Santa hat you've ever seen.
"Much?" asks the man and the shopkeeper says, "Eh, em, eh . . . a pound." And the man actually gives him it. Wow. The man will not be making much of an impression with that pathetic piece of thin red and white felt on his head.
King of Bargains is the shop next door to Deans and sells lots of cleaning materials with no brand name on them at cheap, cheap prices. The contents of the bottles are weak and ineffective, like most of cheap bargains. Also on sale, is a range of Kelloggs cereals. A young mum pushing a pram calls to her mum, "Ma, 'mon, therrs crunchy nuts fur wan eigh'y nine, the big boax."
A few additional Christmas commercial ventures have been set up on trestle tables, including a man selling felt Christmas stockings, baby's first and so on, a table of trackie bottoms and taps, and another of costume jewellery and watches.
Doing a roaring trade is MobiShak, a most excellent emporium for all things mobile phone. It's run by an Asian dude who can supply you with any phone, any phone cover or fix anything - just about - that you've broken on the mobi.
In November, his lordship smashed the glass display screen of his very fancy phone and took it to the big phone shop at Braehead. He was given a quotation of £200 to replace the screen.
I took it to the wise man at MobiShak and it was fixed in 4 days for £40.
Today I'm checking out the phone covers. You can have your name in sequins or a flag or just a pattern, your choice.
Two girls are leaning over the counter whining. "How can somedy brek intae ma internet? Somedy's usin' ma internet. How can they dae that? Can you fix that?"
Mr Mobi is leaning back in his chair, he's a dead laid back guy and he's got a warm smile on his face, "Ye know what ladies, yees must no have a password oan yer internet."
They whine on, "How comes other people can go on ma internet?"
"That's what it is," he is nodding and smiling, "listen, Ah'm tellin' yees, that's it. Nae password."

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