Thursday, 8 December 2011

There's An Awful Draught

After a politician's blunder of 2010 when Scotland slipped and slid to a halt in the snows, the Department of Transport, the Polis, the Education Authorities, the Cooncils, my Ma, are taking no chances and have all with one voice warned us to stay indoors today as there's a hurricane a-coming.

The wireless is broadcasting an amber alert. Some schools will close at 1pm as the winds will worsen in the afternoon. Then Glasgow decides nobody's to go to school today - except the teachers. (hee hee)
At half eight, a few little figures are blowing along with their wee hoods up and clutching their mammies' and daddies' hands. Inside the Govan Road Campus, there's quite a huddle of children standing behind the glass of the reception area, still wrapped up in their coats, hats and scarves.
Around 1pm a thundering hailstorm sweeps down Govan Road. As usual, I get my camera out after it's passed. Everyone is getting blown to the four winds.
The River Clyde has some mighty waves - good enough for surfing, maybe? It's well choppy!
Down by the dry docks, winds are wailing through the overhead wires and sad little shrubbery is swept left and right. The gates to the dry docks have blown open, and we enter, the wind shoving at our backs, strong gusts almost blowing us over
Even in the sheltered basin the wind violently disturbs the surface of the water.
This home is aptly constructed with a tarpaulin from GHA, Glasgow Housing Association, no less. Although buffetted by the storm, it's flapping wildly but looks safe enough. And what a location -
Just look at Glasgow, so beautiful on this amazing day. The River, ruffled by howling gales, the ever changing skies, the glassy BBC, the shiny Armadillo, the upthrust of the Science tower, all anchored by the city's heritage landmarks; the Finnieston Crane and the Waverley paddle steamer, holding it all together, keeping us firmly on terra firma.

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