Friday, 6 January 2012

Cold Comfort

A couple of wee roly polys, cheery, jokey and jolly are busying with their business at the post office counter. So alike they must be sisters, one has hair of gold and the other is chestnut brown.
Bustling about with benefit books and bank cards, they are in and out of purses and bags, zips zipping back and forward, and button snaps snapping.
"Could you tell me," says the blonde to the p.o. man " did Ah get a Cold Weather Payment in ma account?"
The p.o. man looks at the p.o. woman who is the most knowledgeable of all Counter Staff members.
She scarcely looks round but says, authoritatively, "There's been no Cold Weather Payments. For the simple fact that it's not been cold enough."
The rosy cheeked blonde nods in agreement, "Aye, that's whit Ah wis thinkin'. Ah didnae think . ."
Her chubby sister chimes in, "Naw, but it's just she's wonderin' how she got a' that money in her account. She goat a big whack a money in her account n she disnae know how she got it."
The p.o. woman looks askance.
I take a look at the blonde heiress and wonder about this Cold Weather Payment. Isn't it just for pensioners? She looks no younger than 28 but no older than 40. No way is she a pensioner.
"Naw, Ah wis jist wonderin' who the money wis affa. Naw, it's no been cauld enough, that's right."
"Aye, it's no, sure it's no. Don't know wherr ye goat that."

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