Friday, 24 February 2012

Just Watch It

An early start for school, two children are standing at a close mooth, bags on their shoulders, jackets zipped against the dreich grey of morning.
J., a girl of 8 has a piece of toast in her hand. C., a boy of 6 is chewing a bar of toffee. J. takes a bite of toast and leans forward on the pavement to look along the street.
"Heh, Ah seen that caur again fae las' night,"
C. is interested and looks up too, "Where is it?"
"It's away noo." She eats another bit of toast and flings the crusts on the ground.
"Aw naw, aw naw, see that caur?" she says, suddenly turning to face the wall, acting as though she's Mata Hari. "See it, jist comin'?"
"Aye, what is it?" the wee boy asks.
J. whispers dramatically. "Right, see that number plate, that starts wi' SC, well, that's fur C.I.D."
"Ah know that," protests C., "Ah know."
J. continues in an earnest voice of warning, "It's the C.I.D. Jist watchit. Jist watch.When ye see them, jist watchit."

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