Friday, 1 June 2012

Fly The Flag

Join the merry party as we stroll along the Govan Road on this pleasant summer's eve. First sad note is the absence of Harry the Hat, with whom I once collaborated in a counterfeit cash fiasco. For the past umpteen years, he's set his wares on the pavement across from St. Anthony's. Harry, of the Wine Alley, celebrated his 81st birthday last year and was fighting fit and in good form, selling bubbles, spinning tops, flags, balloons, et cetera. Where is he this year I wonder?
It may be the diamond jubilee weekend, but this wee man's sticking with the saltire. 
Crowds are gathering around the Black Man. Is it my imagination, or do things seem quieter this year? Well, yes on one count for def; there's no Sunny Govan radio wagon blasting out the music with a local dj whipping us into fervour. Just the hum of chat and a few shouts up and down the road as people take their positions.

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