Friday, 1 June 2012


Cap'n Hook, or Blackbeard the Pirate maybe, walks alongside a double decker filled with Glasgow Sightseers. Sorry, not sure who they are - I'm concentrating on camera skills.
"A sick spoof" is how Cousin Ned describes it. If you were making a comedy prog about an area of poverty and deprivation, you may raise a few ironic laughs with a gaily decorated float sponsored by the local merchants of misery, the Pawn. Well, ha ha, we can hardly believe our eyes at the children frolicking about the lorry advertising H and T Pawn. Get your kwikloan today, APR between 151% and 282%. Ever benevolent, they're chucking cheap colouring books and pens to us.Y'know, I saw this float getting dressed up at Southcroft Street earlier this evening and I innocently thought it was something the school was putting in.
Oh well, Pawnbrokers have been preying on Govanites for many generations now, so I suppose they've every right to join in the festivities.
Check out the Pawn wumman's apron - yes, you're right. It really is a Ten Pound Note.

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