Friday, 13 July 2012

Baker's Dozen

What would your last meal on earth be? If you have simple and honest tastes, and cumfaegovan, then chances are it would include one of these renowned rolls.
Govanites still drool over such rolls; crisp outer shell and a soft, white fluffy inside - a perfect combination of textures and tastes.
Even though the famed Jack's Rolls has passed into legend, I'm glad to report these rolls are still widely available.
Add a generous spread of the best butter, salted or unsalted as you prefer, and sink your teeth into this west of Scotland speciality, tearing the soft bread and savouring the chewy consistency and warm smell of wholesome baked goodness!


Sandra PA said...

I could go a couple of these with my cuppa right now :-)

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite smells in the world: a freshly opened, freshly-baked Glesga roll.
Closely followed by a freshly-opened school lunchbox containing 2 squashed flat butter & jam rolls, at perfect lunchtime schoolbag temperature...