Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lush Lash

We start chatting as the extremely courteous mungy wallahs of Spicy Govan prepare our delicious curries in their pristine, if basic kitchen. Our topics include the weather, the dead nice salad in here, the Rathlin St fire and the windows of 14 being boarded up.
"Hey," I say next, "your eyelashes are amazing. Who does them for you?"
"I do them myself," the girl replies.
"No way? Yourself? How do you manage that?" I ask, thinking they are eyelash extensions, heavy and black.
"I just stick them on," she says.
It dawns on me. "Oh, they're false eyelashes. 'mazin."
"Yep, Katy Perry. I wouldn't live without them. Had them for about three year."
"Do they last that long?" I ask, sounding as thick as they are.
"No, different pairs. These ones have lasted about three months."
"Do you keep them on all the time?"
"No, no," she tells me, "Just take them off at night and watch you don't lose them. Then stick them on in the morning. Get Katy Perrys though. They're the best kind."
I ask if I can take a picture of this wonder of modern technology.
"Aye, sure."
"How do you keep your eyes open?" is my next question, "They look dead heavy."
She laughs, "I really wouldn't go anywhere without them. I've only got about three eyelashes left! I've ripped them all out puttin these on!"


Sandra PA said...

This wee story made me think of a woman I used to work with who was always very well made up with mascara, lipstick, the whole nine yards ~ a lovely woman with a big smile and and the type of laugh that had everyone in stitches too. One day she turned up at work and she looked.....well, different. Couldn't quite figure out what it was and then I noticed. She had no eyelashes. Nada! Turns out she had used dollar store eyelash curlers (though why she used them on the other eye beats me!) And after relating this sorry tale....she laughed and laughed! And we all laughed along with her :-)

Nihil Sine Labore said...

The tortures we put ourselves through to look beautiful!

aperrakatyperrys would've helped!