Friday, 5 October 2012

Eat Fresh

Subway; Eat Fresh! goes the slogan of this global sandwich bar. After the Aldwych Cafe at Govan X closed a coupla years ago, the shop stood empty until this fastfood piece chain set up their deli counter and a few tables and chairs for the punters.
I think each franchise is told to customise their premises to make the locals feel it's their very own Subway, a unique Subway that's truly serving the community in which it's sited. Why else would there be a dog eared bit of paper, stuck up on the door with blu-tac on which is scrawled, "STAND AWAY FROM DOOR". That's you telt. Then in fainter pen, "thanks" added as an afterthought incase a high powered manager jets in from LA to check the Govan Subway is treating the valued customer with respect.

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