Monday, 22 October 2012

Sisters Of Shaw Street

On this dull, fine October morning, a polisman stops traffic entering Shaw St. from Govan Road. Is it a raid?
A woman passing along informs me. "Therr filmin a comedy."
Another Glasgow street finds filming fame.
It's cosy and bright in Watsons Bakery. "What's happening out there?" I ask Jean.
"Och, it's a tv comedy. They were in here. Three men dressed up as nuns, ye know, beards and everything, nuns outfits and busts an'all. I don't know if they were good nuns or bad nuns. One of them bought a pie and stood here and ate it."
"Are you in it?" I ask. "Och no, no" she replies. "It's to be on early 2013."
A woman in a blue jacket comes in and nods back towards the door with a lift of her eyebrows.
"It's a comedy about men dressed up as nuns," I tell.
"Is that right? I'll no be watching that," she says shaking her head.
Back out on the street a loud southern English lady's voice rings out very bossily.
"Let's try that again. Ok, so you make your way over and stand in front of this door . . . "

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