Friday, 15 March 2013

Lookin' Good Govan. Special 5 Year Anniversary Post

This week makes five years of posts from Lady Govan. From this thriving, riverside community where the spark and energy of past residents remain in the vibrant atmosphere of Govan today  . . . hahaha!
Five years, and what has changed? The first post was about Farmfoods, the cheap, frozen food chain which has survived the recession and is still freezing in the goodness - in spite of Iceland opening at the Langlands Road end of the shopping centre.
The skanky oversized planters, once sited on the pavement and littered with crisp pokes and empty cans, have been replaced with snaking, stainless steel benches and fancy paving stone. Improvement? Yep, but it wouldn't be hard to be better than what was there before.
The lavvies have been filled in and new slabs laid on The Squerr outside Govan New. The crumbling pebble dash wall is gone and, once the construction work is done on the Doomster Hill Car Park, a mesmerising vista of tall ships and undulating museum architecture will be opened to our eyes.
 The laying of cobblestones on the old Water Row. Nice.
The darling Govan Baby has been delivered to his appointed place, as we remember Govan's good Doctor Aitken.
Right, so, this really is an improvement. A new shop front in the style of the old shop fronts. Don't know what the shop's to be. But, it looks great so far; large open windows, no roller shutters. Can't wait to see the merchandise - and I hate shopping!
 Here's the sign inside the shop promising more initiative in "townscape heritage".
 Traditional metal gate at doorway. Nice.
The view along the Golly, the Black Man and Brechin's remains unchanged, I think. Only, a few shops have closed or become ragbag jumble sales.
 A shift to the right takes in the P.I. Not much change here either, thankfully.
 Lookin' good Govan! Your rich red and honey sandstone cheers our hearts on this grey March morning. Here's to the next five years, cheers! And let's hope the ugly Govan X shopping centre and Underground get flattened . . . soon.

4 comments: said...

Happy 5th birthday LG. I missed your first 3ish years, but have enjoyed dropping by for a nosey at all things Govan now and then. Keep it up. DT.

Sandra PA said...

It's looking good, Lady Govan. Nice to see all the improvements being made. But I hope they keep the shopping centre ~ it's a good place to shop on a wet day:-)

Ellen said...

The old buildings are looking good! Great to have an update on the improvements, exciting times for the area. Thanks Lady Govan. I really hope they do something about the shop fronts in the Golly.

cake eater said...

i want them to keep open the shopping centre too.

you did not mention watsons