Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Neighbourhood Watch

Not seen one of the neighbours for a while? Sometimes that's a blessing and you don't question it too much. This time last year, wee T. was a wee pest. In and out at all hours. Can ah use your phone, can ye pick up a coupla messages, d'ye mind giein us a lift roon the doctors.
Then all of a sudden, all went quiet. He disappeared. I didn't ask anyone about him cos, as I harshly said, he was a pain.
As time passed, I thought - now and again - that I should ask if anyone else had seen him, but it never crossed my mind at the right moment.
Today, though, I sees Joe with swarthy Boab of the Badlands. They're deep in conversation on the path through the Riverside, Joe with his thin supermarket bags stuffed with bread and tins.
"Hi Joe," says I, in passing and he nods and then I suddenly think of wee T. "Hey, by the way, have you ever seen wee T. for ages?"
He stops his chat, "D'ye know, naw. Ah've no seen him for an age. When wis the last time? Right enough, it's a good while. Done a coupla guys for money when he tried to haud up asdas. Ma pal got taken for eighty quid. Had'm tied t' a cherr."
"Just been wondering," I says "cos he's done a disappearing act."
"Aye, he has that. It's like he's disappeared aff the planet."
Black Boab joins in. "Who's that?" And Joe recounts again how his mate got done for money by wee T. "Some folk ye jist don't dae that tae."
"Aw, Ah know him - weird lookin wee guy. Like a hobbit?" says Boab.
We both nod.
"Dunno whit's happened but canny say Ah'm that bothered" Joe continues, "Ah don't think ah've seen him for, whit, three month?"
"Three month!" I gasp. "more like over a year since I laid eyes on'm."
"Maybes," says Joe and goes into a long story about how wee T. had conned a lot of people.
"Wee tealeaf," says Boab.
"Just kept meaning to ask." I say again and Joe pats me on the shoulder. "Good neighbour award, heh heh."

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